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Recently had an old (1910 or 20's) letter translated >from Hebrew (so
spellings could be off)(Kurents area ?) and here's what I think I

1. Letter is written or dictated by Leah SKLAR (married to David SKLAR)

2. To her sister Rochl (whose husband (ZUSSMAN) stated on her death
cert that her father's name was Aaron SKOLNICK)
3. Leah had six children
Yitzchak(M)-lost or disappeared in the war
Yehudis(F)-married & emigrated to USA
Zvulun(?)-living near parents
Arken(M)-(called him Swindler) emigrated to USA
Chana(F)-married to ASHER KAPLAN and living near parents
Melach(M)-married & emigrated to USA

Leah states that YEHUDIS,ARKEN & MELACH "should write me a letter and
tell me how they are if they have a drop of Yiddishkeit"

Does anything tie in to your family history?

Arnold Rabinowitz
New Haven, Connecticut,USA

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