Jewish cemeteries in Poland #general

Alexander Sharon

Dear Genenrs,

A lovely website dedicated to the Jewish cemeteries in Poland is located on
this page.

As this site author said in the introduction:

Jewish cemeteries are very special places. Hidden somewhere out of the way,
covered with high grass, they intrigue with their atmosphere and delight
with finesse of making Hebrew inscriptions, which were laboriously forged by
unknown craftsmen - artists. It is worth remembering that Jewish cemeteries
are not seldom the oldest monuments of material culture in a particular town
or a region.

The website

- created by a person of non-Jewish ancestry - is an attempt of presentation
some Jewish cemeteries in a form of a photo gallery, enriched with general
historic information. The authors hope that this guide will inspire to
visiting these places and will draw attention to marks of pre-war presence
of the community of Polish Jews, now disappearing >from our landscape.

Alexander Sharon

Calgary, Alberta

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