Re: BONDI as a translation of YOM TOV (in Italy)? #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Michael Bernet asks: <Information on Italian Jewish Bondis, anyone?>

How about:

1. Rabbi Abraham de BONDI of Ferrara in the 1570s
2. The BONDI family of Livorno; Adam and his sons Jacob and Azariah BONDI in
the mid-1700s
3. There was still a BONDI family in Ferrara in the 19th century - physician
BONDI-ZAMORAIN who attended the Sanhedrin in Paris, and composed an ode in
Hebrew and Latin for the opening of the council's first session

I confess I found these in a scan of the Jewish Encyclopedia. I know nothing
more about them, but they could well be the forefathers of the Christian BONDI
in Italy today.

Also there was quite an influx of Austro-Hungarians >from the Habsburg Empire
into various areas of current-day Italy in the 1800s until WW1 [including
Venice, Trieste, Milan etc] and some BONDI of Bohemian origin may have entered
Italy by that route.

Tragically, jumping to the 1940s there are three Italian BONDI holocaust victims
listed on Yad vashem:

Margherita MILANO nee BONDI born in Rome in 1900 & married to Raffael BONDI
[he hopefully survived?]

Virginia PIPERNO BONDI born in Tolfa in 1910 to Umberto and Anna.

Pace BONDI born in Rome in 1892 to Leona and Stella.

I am also checking out on other BONDI of possible Italian origin I knew and met
again recently. They lived in Egypt and I believe had come >from one of the
Aegean Islands.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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