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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

We recently had a short posting about August BONDI, the famous Jewish
abolitionist. The posting >from Linda Shefler on April 3rd 2006, highlighted
August's birth in Vienna on July 21 1831 [see footnote].

This is a convenient time to marry up Linda's posting with Michael Bernet's
query on Italian BONDI families.

Although August was indeed born in Vienna, his father and most probably his
mother too, came >from Prague, the home of many famous BONDI families. His father
must have been a Tolerierte Jude in Vienna, as Jews were not allowed to reside
in the city before 1848 or thereabouts. August's parents were Naftali-Hertz BONDI
[cotton goods manufacturer] and Marta FRANKL-BONDI. The fact his father was >from
Prague is noted on the birth register in Vienna.

Here you can read far more about BONDI:

BONDI wrote an autobiography in 1903 and this is what he says about the origins
of his family name:

According to family tradition, an ancestor, Yom-tov LANDSHRAYBER who lived in
Prague in the 16th century, made a trip to Italy, where he changed his name to
BONDI, the Italian translation of his Hebrew name Yom-tov — both names meaning
"good day."

Please note, the family name JONTOFF still exists today and is most probably a
corruption of YOM TOV; they never changed to BONDI! See this grave in Vienna:

Jontoff-Hutter Auguste aged 72 died 4.02.1930
Zentralfriedhof Gate 4 Group 11 Row 5 Grave 6

Celia Male [U.K.]

Posting called "Article About BONDI Born Vienna, Austria 1833"

The Wichita Eagle has an interesting article about BONDI; a Jewish freedom
fighter and abolitionist who fought alongside John Brown during Kansas'
territorial years. For those who are researching the BONDI family [who emigrated
from Vienna to the US about 1848], and those who are just plain interested, here
is the link:

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