Re: Entire Russian town converting to Judaism--not the Sotmarers for sure? #general


MBernet@... wrote:

I had never heard of the Mujik origin. In fact, I know a number of
Sotmarers who are Kohanim, so that story may not be entirely true. Satu Mare is
in an area of Ruthenis over which Romanians and Hungarians have been fighting
for some centuries. The Sotmarers I know all speak Hungarian, and Hungarian
Yiddish; I don't think they identify as Romanian. Their opponents sometimes
slander them by saying they are named after St. Mary, but a rare Romanian
speaker told me some time ago it mean something like "upper town" or "lower

It would not surprise me to learn that the Mujik story is untrue and has
been maliciously spread by opponents of the Sotmarers to account for some of
the hostility that surrounds them.
They don't identify themselves as Romanian because all Jews of Transylvania and
Maramures were Hungarian speakers. Satu Mare means "the big village".

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