Paternal grandparents marriage record found -- I think - but more name confusion #general

Debbie Skolnik

After a month of waiting, I received what I think is my father's parents' NY
State certificate and record of marriage.

I'd appreciate it if others would look at the comparison of what's on the
certificate and the info I already had, and venture a guess as to whether I've
really hit pay dirt or not -- thanks in advance!

Certificate What I Already Knew
G'father's name: G'father's name:
Benjamin Cohen Barnet(t) Cohen
Dov Ber Kissin

Would Benjamin be an acceptable substitute for Dov Ber (or either of these
names)? Using the Jewishgen name converter, I don't see that as a possibility.
And why would he switch >from Benjamin to Barnet?

G'mother's name: Grandmother's name:
Bessie Soltuskiss/Softusskiss Bessie Solutuzkyn

There is no name similar to Soltuskiss/Softuskiss in the immigration records that
I can find. I'm assuming this was just a difficult name to spell in English.

G'father's occupation: G'father's
Ice man Ice dealer (father's
birth cert two years

Great-g'father's name: Great g'father's
Is-- Cohen Israel Kissin

I can't really read the first name on the certificate, unfortunately. If the
name really was Kissin in the old country, why would my grandfather use Cohen for
his father? To answer myself, because he wanted to?

Perhaps I'll post the certificate to ViewMate, to see if anyone can help me
figure out the handwriting.

Also, with the recent discussion about naming children after deceased relatives,
would the surname of a deceased relative have been used for a first name?

On this marriage record, my grandmother's mother's maiden name is given as
Kalman. My grandmother named one of her sons Kalman. Does that make sense?

Thanks in advance (as always) for all help.

Best regards,

Debbie Cohen Skolnik
Fairview, NC (outside of Asheville), previously metro
DC area

LANDY, LANDE, LONDIN -- Bialystok-Chicago (Tilly Landy)
GARBARSH, GARBAR, GERBER -- Ostrow - Chicago (Jacob Gerber)
SOLUTUSZKYN -- ??Jatyn (on Ellis Island Records)-Brooklyn, NY
Peshe (Bessie) Solutuszkyn Cohen
KISSIN -- Kiev-Brooklyn, NY became Barney or Barnet Cohen at some point

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