KISSIN to COHEN #general

Paul & Irene Berman <ikpjb@...>

Mr. KISSIN may have changed the name to Cohen because 1) Kissin could sound
rather funny in English, 2) he was a Cohen, or a member of the priestly
caste. People rarely took the name Cohen or Levy if they were not members of
these castes because, as a Cohen or a Levy, a man has a special role within
the synagogue service and to take the name otherwise would be dishonest. I
know one person whose long Polish family name was changed by an immigration
officer upon the family's arrival in England to Cohen, although they were
not Cohanim (priests). However, some of the family, as religiously
observant Jews, felt uncomfortable with the name and changed it to something
Irene Berman
Shoham, Israel

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