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Alexander Sharon

"Robert Corwin" wrote
I could use some help with my detective work.

My paternal grandmother's family, named ARONSON, was said to be from
Kalvrie. The family is listed on various certificates as coming >from
Russia or Poland/Russia around 1882.
Using Shtetyl Seeker, I came up with these possibilities:

"Kalivere, Kallivere, Kalliver" is in Russia, 433.7 miles NW of Moskva.
Too far >from Poland.

I see listings for two separate towns named "Kalvaria" both quite far
south in Hungary. I figure these would clearly be in the Austrian Empire,
not Poland/Russia.

"Kalwaria, Kalwarja Pacawska, Kalwaria Pacawska" is in Poland, about 10mi.
SSE of Prezmysl. Sounds like a possibility to me. But Prezmysl was part
of the Kingdom of Hungary until after World War II, according to my
historical atlas. Then it became part of Poland, but not the Soviet

"Kalwaria, Kalwarja Zebrydowska, Kalwarja, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska" is in
Poland, about 15 mi. SW of Kracow.

Looking at my historical atlas, I see that "Crakow" was part of the "Grand
Duchy of Warsaw" in 1812. An 1815 to 1839 Congress of Vienna map shows an
independent "Republic of Krakow". A mid-century map notes "Republic of
Krakow to Austria, 1846." Only after World War I does Krakow seem to
become a part of Poland.

The family is listed as being >from Russia on both the 1900 Census and
a 1905 marriage certificate, both before WWI, and before the two towns
named "Kalwaria" became part of Poland. Neither appear to have been part
of the Russian Empire.

Any thoughts?
Kalvarija (also known as Kalwarja) is located in Lithuania at 5424 2314, few
miles distance >from Polish border. You could discover it by searching entries in
JGFF database.
Another, "smaller" Kalvarija, is known nowadays as Zemaiciu Kalvarija is also
located in Lithuania at 5607 2201.

Both towns were part of the Russian Empire.

I am a bit suprised about the revelation found in your historical atlas, that
"town Przemysl was part of the Kingdom of Hungary until after World War II".
Przemysl indeed was once part of Kingdom of Hungary under the rule of King
Louis I, but this event took place >from 1370 till 1382, obviously not "until
after WWII".

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab, Canada

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