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David Kravitz

I have received a response to my query >from Matt Pitcher, an Electoral
Services Officer, Law & Corporate Governance regarding electoral
registration in the UK. To summarize:

1. The law still requires a householder to make an annual return of all
occupants of a house. They will send postal reminders and make a home visit
if they get no response. But, if the register remains unchanged, they *will
now* accept a telephone call or email/Internet registration.

2. There are two versions of the register, a full version with restricted
usage for voting, credit checking and crime prevention, and an edited
version freely available for purchase and no restriction on usage. Anybody
on the full list can *now* ask to be removed >from the full version for any

3. British citizens can now apply to be included on a register for 15 years
after emigration in their last registration constituency.

4. Voters' lists can "now" be alterred monthly for nine months of the year
to minimize the need to travel distances to vote caused by moving home.

Only today, a woman has been charged with making false entries on registers.

Thus >from a genealogical viewpoint, UK electoral registers are no more
valuable than telephone directories given the growing number of unlisted
numbers. But people who have moved or died should not be on the register at
a specific address >from year to year, as previously suggested.

David Kravitz
Netanya, Israel

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