Re: Once Upon A Time in Lithuania; Book and Exhibition by Naomi Alexander #general

Nick <tulse04-news@...>

"Saul Issroff" <> wrote
JGSGB member Naomi Alexander has produced a book : "Once Upon A Time in
Lithuania". Sketches and paintings. There is also an exhibition that will
show old Jewish homes and synagogues of Lithuania.
Note: JGSGB = Jewish Genealogy Society of Great Britain

Nick Landau
London, UK

COHNREICH (Anklam, Germany Krajenka, Poland) ATLAS (Wielkie Oczy (near
Lvov/Lemberg), Poland) WEITZMAN (Cracow), WECHSLER(Schwabach, Germany)
KOHN/WEISSKOPF (Wallerstein and Kleinerdlingen,Germany) LANDAU (only adopted
on leaving Belarus or later)/FREDKIN (?) (Gomel, Mogilev, Chernigov, Belarus)

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