New IAJGS Conference Story on Ynet News #general

Joy Rich <joyrichny@...>

A new article about the IAJGS conference (August 13th-18th in Manhattan, NY)
is now online at Ynet News at,7340,L-3244407,00.html.

The article, "It's All Relative: Getting down to it. Global Jewish genealogists
prepare for an intense annual event offering 180-plus programs," written by
Schelly Talalay Dardashti, describes the depth and breadth of
the conference, which includes topics ranging >from toYizkor books to using
Geographic Information System (GIS) tools to teaching family history to children
and adults to klezmer music to Turkish marriage and burial
records to restoring Jewish cemeteries in Poland to...just about anything else
you can think of.

I think you'll find the article - and the conference - of great interest.


Joy Rich
Co-chair, Repositories Committee
International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
26th Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy
New York City
August 13-18, 2006

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