STERNGLANZ family before 1910 in Brooklyn #general

Barbara Zimmer <bravo.zulu@...>

Dear Genners:
Here is a puzzle. I am searching for records prior to 1910 for the family of
Marcus STERNGLANZ and his wife Fannie.
In 1910 they are living on Prospect Place in Brooklyn with their two daughters.
Marcus is 71 years old, Fannie is 60; they have been married for 44 years.
Their daughter Henrietta is 41 years old and is a teacher, born in New York.
Daughter Estella is 38 years old and also a teacher, born in New York.

I know >from the headstones for the two daughters that they both
attended Hunter College and then New York University and received
degrees in Pedagogy about 1903. My elderly aunt remembers the two
sisters referred to as "The Cats" because they had so many cats in
their house!

If you can find them prior to 1910, please contact me privately. I
have tried looking for them by first names, partial last names, etc
in the 1880 and 1900 censuses at a popular website.

Extra credit if you can tell me how Marcus and Fannie are related to
Jacob and Rebecca STERNGLANZ. Rebecca's father was Michael
Baumgarten, my greatgreatgrandfather.

Barbara Zimmer

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