Voter Records [New York City Voter Registration Records] #general

Joy Rich <joyrichny@...>

I contacted the Deputy Chief Clerk of the New York City Board of Elections
today. He said the voter registration records that were stored in that warehouse
were moved to an interim facility and are accessible.


Joy Rich
Co-chair, Repositories Committee
International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
26th Annual Conference on Jewish Genealogy
New York City
August 13-18, 2006

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From: Richard Baum (

Yesterday I spoke to someone at the Manhattan Election Board at 200 Varick
Street to find out how I might access the old voter records in the Election
Board Archives. I was told that the warehouse containing the archives has
recently moved and that the records will not be available until September 2006.
I did not see the need, at this time, to ask for the address and hours
of the new archives.

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