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"David Kravitz" <> wrote

Thus >from a genealogical viewpoint, UK electoral registers are no more
valuable than telephone directories given the growing number of unlisted
numbers. But people who have moved or died should not be on the register
at a specific address >from year to year, as previously suggested.
As a candidate in an election 30 years ago it was fairly common to call on
people who had been living at an address for quite a few years, and to find
that the previous owners were still registered.

The current owners, whilst technically breaking the law by not registering
to vote, didn't believe in voting and therefore didn't register.

Whilst this should result in there being no entry at that particular
address - in which case I would not have called there and had this
experience - there were indeed the previous residents living there - who
would have moved elsewhere or could have died (or both).

There is no requirement of electors to inform the registration officer that
they are moving elsewhere - thankfully the UK doesn't require us to register
our movements with the authorities.

My above experience would indicate that (certainly in the past) the practice
is to keep on the register the people listed, until a registration form has
been submitted which revises the previous position - notwithstanding Mr
Pitcher's comments. What should happen and what does happen are often two
different things. I understand that he works for a local municipality in the
UK. For him to have said otherwise would have implied that he was acting
illegally. What he and David Kravitz are saying is quite correct in how the
register _should_ be maintained - my experience on the ground is different.

Much of present discussion is about people not being registered rather than
the people being on the Register who shouldn't be. There is a new Bill going
through Parliament to improve matters

"The electoral registration process Report and recommendations"
examines the current situation and makes recommendations for the future.

Nick Landau
London, UK

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