Re: Are these surnames CHAVATSIK, QUACHICK, SWARTCHIK typically Jewish/Russian? #general

Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

I don't have the original message, but it is quoted below in Alain's

As to the surname CHAVATSIK, the phonetic index in Beider's "Dictionary of
Jewish Surnames >from the Russian Empire", of which Vinnitsa was a part,
lists a good many possibilities but KHVATSIK seems the most likely to me.
It was in fact used in Vinnitsa in the early part of the 20th century,
according to the voter lists and other sources that Beider used. The
surname would have been written in Cyrillic or Hebrew characters and the
immigrants to England would have been trying to render a familiar sound in
the unfamiliar Latin alphabet. I can readily see the letters "CHAV"
resulting >from an attempt to render the sounds that are now transliterated
from Russian Cyrillic by "KHV"
Hope this is of some use, for what it may be worth.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

"Alain SIELIONTCHIK" <> wrote
If it can help you, my name is SIELIONTCHIK (original spelling SELONCZYK or
SELUNCZYK following the signature on the wedding certificate of my
grandparents and on the birth certificate of my fathter) and my father's
family were Jewish people >from a part of ancient Poland which is now in

As far as I also found some SHELONSHIK on JRI Poland, who were obviously
relatives of my grand father, it seems that a lot of spelling can exist for
a given surname.

I recently posted a message about my ancestors surnames but unfortunately
received no replies, so am now trying to look at it >from a different angle.
So, my apologies to everyone for the similarities to my previous message.
My great grandmothers given name was Valia (I also can't find the meaning of
this) and the problem I'm encountering is the surname variations I have for
her. On her marriage cert it says her maiden name was CHAVATSIK?, her
fathers name is MARK? CHAVALICK? - both these spellings are based on my own
interpretation of the handwritting on the cert so obviously may be
incorrect. It then becomes confusing as on her childrens birth certs it says
her maiden name was QUACHICK, QUARCHICK, SWARTCHIK. I am currently waiting
for a further 2 birth certs, but I'm not sure these will help, especially if
the surnames are completely different again! Valia originated form
Vinnitsa, Russia (now the Ukraine I think), and came over to the UK in
approx. 1907.

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