How often were people not counted in the census? #general

Stein Lewis

The question of how often people were not counted in the census also
raises questions of the accuracy of the information of the
information which is found. As I have compared the information
concerning members of my family >from 1900 to 1930, either the
enumerator just filled in what he thought was the right information
or my ancestors and their brothers and sisters did not remember the
year they emigrated, their country of origin, their original
language, their age, their marital age, and even their names. One
uncle lists Russia as his birthplace and Russian as his language. His
son lists his father's birthplace as Roumania and his language as
Roumanian. Since this uncle happened to be a famous cantor of the
time I know >from other sources that he was >from Roumania and that his
language was Yiddish.
I first appear in the 1930 census taken in a small steel mill town in
western Pennsylvania. Not only is my first name spelled wrong, but my
place of birth (Ohio) is stated to be Pennsylvania. Both of my
parents were born in Pennsylvania and are listed as such, but the
column which lists my parents place of birth, shows Russia. I'm
suspect that the emumerator just went down the line writing Russia,
Serbia or Italy depending upon the surnames.
While the census material is a great clue, don't treat it as accurate.

Lewis Stein
Boynton Beach, FL

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