CYMES & SOKOL from JABLONKA (& Zambrow) #general

Wayne N. Frankel <wnf9@...>

Dear Jewish Genealogists,

In the past few months I have received and deciphered a number of
vital records for the surnames CYMES and SOKOL, >from Jablonka , in
the Lomza gubernya near Zambrow, Poland. The Jablonka records are
from <1870, and the families seem to have moved to Zambrow shortly
thereafter as there are some records >from there starting around 1880.
There are a number of records that were either difficult to read or
extract or where I could not determine whether or how they fit-in to
our tree. But much of the relevant information is extracted and I
have been able to incorporate it into a provisional family tree.
Some of the Jablonka records are already indexed in JRI-PL, and most
of them are not, although they are on other LDS microfilms.

For those of you who are researching CYMES or SOKOL families >from
this region of Poland, this information may be of value to you.
Certainly I would be interested to know if any of you tie-in to us -
we may be cousins!

I do know that there are Sokol's related to these families in the
Buenos Aires area, although so far I have not been able to find them
(N.b. Sokol became Siegel in the US, but remained Sokol in
Argentina). Similarly, there are individuals with the surname
YABLONKA in Israel related to these Sokol's, although my last message
to this group did not result in any immediate hits.

I have posted the information at the following links. I will leave
them posted for a couple of weeks.

Enjoy, and please do let me know if you have something that ties-in,
or if you require more information.

Please respond _privately_ if you do.

Wayne Frankel
Bar Harbor, ME, USA

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