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Dear Genners,
Was Ostroleka, Poland part of Russian/Poland?
It is in the area of the former Lomza Gubernia, and therefore in what was
Russian Poland.

I have been trying to search my MEYER, KAFKA, KUPFER
family back to Europe, but up to now have had no more
specific information other than their origin being
Russian/Poland. In 1900 Manhattan census, they list
origin as Russia, 1910: Poland, and 1920:
Russian/Poland. Found information on the Mt. Zion
website...(Thank you for all who posted the
information about this.)Joseph Benjamin buried at Mt.
Zion with the Fortschritt Lodge (same as my family)
listed as being >from Ostroleka, Poland. Could this be
my first real lead???
Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

ISMACH: Lomza Gubernia, Galicia, and Ukraina
HERTANU, ABRAMOVICI, LAUER: Dorohoi District, Romania
GRISARU, VATARU: Iasi, Dorohoi, and Mileanca, Romania

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