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Nick Rich <nick@...>

Hello all,

I recently asked the group a question about how I could find the original
family surname, which is now "RICH", and I would like to thank everyone for
so many helpful replies.

Although I am still searching, I do have more information now.

I have discovered that Adolph Rich (Born Germany 1858) married Fanny
BLOOMBERG (Born Birmingham, UK 1869) in August 1888, at Humbro Synagogue,
Princes Street, London. Fanny was the daughter of Lazarus (Born, Riga,
Russia) and Rachael (Born Poland - I cannot decipher the town name). Adolph
was recorded as "Adolphus" elsewhere*. Adolph was apparently playing a
big part in one of the Synagogues in Birmingham, he appears in the Jewish
Chronicle many times, making regular donations, some quite large, he even
had a room named after his dead son, the "David Rich" room. >from the
information I've been given over the years by my family, I would guess that
Adolph came into this country during the 1870's, with his parents and
brother, Isaac. Isaac was born in 1867, and was known to the family as Uncle
Issie, which I'm told was short for Isidore, although I cannot confirm the
accuracy of this.

Adolph and Isaac settled in Burton-on-Trent, and they can be found in the
1891 census, living just a couple of streets away >from one another, Adolph
now married, and Isaac living on his own. They are both listed as picture
frame makers, and wood carvers. In 1901, Adolph had moved to Birmingham with
his family, and Isaac had married a "Sarah" >from Manchester and had children
of his own, and was now living in Burslem, Staffordshire, UK, where it would
appear he stayed for most, if not all of his life.

Information I have discovered, >from some very helpful replies, is that Isaac
would appear to have been born in Schlesien. I don't know exactly where
Adolph was born, although he is listed as a German subject in 1891 and 1901
census. I have tried doing a search on "Rich" in Schlesien, with no luck. I
have also tried the London Gazette, and although I can find a business
reference to Adolph, there is nothing for naturalization. Maybe the reason
that Adolph was classed as German, and Isaac as Polish/Russian, was because
the borders changed in the 9 years between their births, I don't know. I
have tried the National archives, with no luck, although it may help if I
knew what name to refer to. Reich, Riech, Rieche, Reichen, Richter, Richten,
Richen, Richens have all be suggested, and I would say there is a fair
chance of any being correct. Would Kew House hold this information? What
information would I need to get a result at Kew House?

If anyone has any more ideas, or any of the above information rings any
bells, please let me know.

Kind regards,
Nick Rich.
Birmingham, UK.

*MODERATOR NOTE: The name of a commercial genealogy site removed in line with
JewishGen policy.

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