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I just noticed in this week's Jewish Chronicle (Lifestyle & Culture
section - page 37) that BBC Radio 3 will be broadcasting four programmes
(titled The Search for Sepharad) each Sunday at 21.30 hours starting Sunday
30 April 2006. If you missed the first one and you have the facilities, you
can hear it on: for
about one week after the programme has been broadcast.

Once on the above web-site, click on:
Listen Again
Arts and Drama
Radio 3
Sunday Feature
click on 2nd entry for Sunday - there is about 1 minute run-in before the
programme starts

Dennis Marks, broadcaster and film maker, traces the path of the Jews of the
Iberian peninsual, who, having been expelled >from their homeland, spread out
all over the world, along the way providing a wealth of culture which was
adopted by their host communities.

The word 'Sepharad' is the ancient Hebrew word for Spain.

I didn't hear the first episode, so am unable to comment.

Rosemary Wenzerul
Researching: Barnett, Benjamin, DeFries, Goldston, Molen/Vandermolen, Myers,
Nunes-Martines/Martin and Wenzerul

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