Photos on Government Documents #general

Rochelle Gershenow

My grandparents, who emigrated to the US in 1910, traveled to Argentina in
1924. In order to travel to Argentina, they had to get permission >from the
Russian government since they were still Russian citizens. They applied to
the Russian Consulate in NY. The Russian Consular records were available in
hard copy at the US National Archives until the 1990s when the US government
microfilmed the records and returned the originals to Russia. There was a
photo with the application. The quality of the microfilmed photo wasn't
great but it did provide a picture that I had never before seen. The
microfilm is available at National Archives II located in Maryland. I don't
know where in Russia the original Consular records are now kept.

Rochelle Gershenow
Potomac, MD

Searching: AGINSKY (Belarus; South Africa, USA); CHAIKIN (Priluki, Ukraine);
Pennsylvania, USA); LIFSCHITZ (Priluki,Ukraine);
PURINSON/PURINZON/PURRINSON Priluki,Ukraine; Argentina; Israel; USA);
Belarus; Ludza, Latvia; USA); SOKOLOFF (Priluki, Ukraine)

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