Help with obtaining ship manifest Post EIDB #general

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I've just received a copy of the Petition for Naturalization for my
grandmother. I'm requesting help if someone would be kind enough to help me
obtain a copy of a ship manifest that is after 1924 (the EIDB cutoff).

I have the exact ship name and arrival information.

Please contact me privately at:
mglasser AT (replacing the AT)if you can help.

Thank you,

Jerusalem, Israel

GLASSER, GLEZER, GLESER: Lygumai, Lithuania --> N.Y., U.S.A. YALON, JALON,
JALUN, YALUN,RUBIN, RYBIN,PIONTNICA: Ostrow; Mazowiecka, Brok,Poland -->U.S.A.
PARNAFES (STEIN), PARNESS, ZIPA: Darabani,Romania-->Pittsburgh, U.S.A. and Israel
GREENBERG, JAUKEL, GORDON, KAISERMAN: Kiyev, Ukraine --> Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
LAZEBNIK (GINSBURG): Cherkassy, Ukraine --> Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
STABINSKY, PAPIR, PAPIER: Russian Empire (Ukraine?) --> Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

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