Re: Looking for my grandparents entry record (KUROPATWA)at Ellis Island 1903-1904 from Zambrow #general

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If they arrived at Castle Gardens, you won't find them on Ellis Island's
database. Look at the Castle Gardens database. I believe it is
Castle Gardens is a separate set of records. It was prior to Ellis Island
which was built after Castle Gardens burned. The dates of Castle Garden are
a little earlier than what you mention - early 1890's. However, if the
family said Castle Garden and not Ellis Island look at Castle Garden.
They would not have taken a ferry to Ellis Island >from Castle Garden. They
would have been processeed at Castle Garden and then into NY City and then
to final destinations. The only other option being they were 2nd class is
that they were processed at Castle Garden on the boat and then traveled to
another port in the US.
Linda Altman
Raleigh, NC

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I have been Looking for 6 years now for My Grandparents entry records to
Ellis Island 1904-1904 >from Zambrow Poland with no success. Can anyone *help*
The family remembers being told they arrived at Castle Gardens. Perhaps
that is where they disembarked after the ferry took them >from Ellis Island
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