Need WPA record from NYC Municipal Archives #general

Mara Fein <maraharv@...>

Union Fields cemetery has provided me with the name of the synagogue/burial
society responsibile for my ggf's plot. I found it on an internet listing
for a WPA 1939 survey of all houses of worship in NYC that is on microfilm
at the NYC Municial Archives. I know the exact microfilm roll and record#,
but I cannot get to NY and the archives won't provide a copy for me by mail.

Is anyone going to be visiting the archives who would be willing to get me a
copy of this one record?

I'm at a dead end on this branch of my family and this is my last chance to
see if the information on the record indicates anything that might connect
my family with a specific town in the old country.

Thanks so much.

mara fein
Los Angeles

researching: WEINSTEIN (Galicia), KNOBLER (maybe Galician), HECHT (Zurawno,
Galicia), KATZ (Zurawno, Galicia), FRIEDMAN (Lasdijai, Lithuania), BRENHOLTZ
(Sereje, Lithuania), FIREHOLTZ (Lithuania), GUDAR (Kharkov), GORDON
(Hartford, CT)

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