ROSENBLATT weds GRUSMARK-1923 NYC-Yours? #general

Pamela Weisberger <pweisberger@...>

I have a marriage certificate for Hyman ROSENBLATT, 127 Stanton St., age 27,
marrying Mollie GRUSMARK, same address, age 24, on December 9, 1923 in

Hyman is a presser, >from Podolia, Russia, father Marcus, mother Ryfka
GRATZMAN. Mollie is also >from Podolia, father Morris, mother Rose RUBIN.

Congregation Ansche Obertyn, A.M. Fischel performing ceremony. David Klotz
and Leo Saltzman are the witness.

This is *not* the certificate I was looking for, hence not the family I'm
seeking, which is Hyman Rosenblatt married to Etta/Yetta HARRIS, but if it
*is* of interest to you, contact me privately and I'll email you a copy.

(And if you have a lead on when/where Hyman married Etta, let me know!)

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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