Rokiskis death statistics. Causes of Death in my families #general

Stephen Gaffin

Dear Cousins
There were some questions about the causes of death among my extraordinarily
Rokiskis in Linda Cantor’s latest table, published in the 1930s. Thirty
four causes of death were listed among our relatives as follows using quaint
medical terms no longer used:

“Old Age” 12
Heart Disease 6
Disease of Lungs 2
Disease of Kidneys 2
“Weakness” 2
Consumption/ tuberculosis 3
Cancer 1
Pneumonia 1
Trombophlebitis myocarditis 1
Influxion of blood in brain 1
Disease of brain 1
CA ventriculis (bowel cancer?) 1
“Vitium cardis” (heart disease ?) 1

“Old Age” of course in the above table simply means that the doctors had no
idea what system deteriorated so much that death ensued. For “Weakness”,
who knows?

Relatively few cancers (1 or 2) were reported among our Rokiskis family. It
is my recollection in our US family tree that relatively few died of cancer
[although one uncle did] but, similar to the Rokiskis statistics of 6 out
of 34, several of the US family, including my mother, died of cardiovascular

Currently, in the US [according to the CDC] the leading causes of death are
in descending order: heart disease, cancer, accidents, cerebrovascular
disease, diabetes, liver disease, influenza & pneumonia, diseases of
perinatal period, suicide, kidney diseases, HIV.

I wonder if it would be of interest to attempt to compile pooled data >from
all of you SIGers to see what diseases we are especially prone to and what
we appear to be inherently resistant to.

Steve Gaffin,
St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles,
Formerly, Worcester, Boston, Brookline, Troy NY, San Francisco, Rehovot,
Haifa, Durban South Africa, San Diego, Framingham

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