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Diane Jacobs <thegenie@...>

Dear Jim,

When I go to archives and/or get database entries online for possible
fmily members and I am not sure they are related to me, I list the
rcords under each family surname by year, and put in that entry all
The information I have received on that record. Then , when I find
New information I go through that list trying to find connections.
Sometimes, I am very successful. For instance, I found I had a
Webber - Sivivolas (orig. name) in St. John and Halifax and Maine, so
I proceeded to find all the records I could at a cemetery in Halifax
And online for Cemetery records, vital records and Canadian and Maine
Censuses. Lo and behold I was able to piece together most of the
Extended family of six brothers who had come >from Lithuania in the 1890s.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

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Like many of us, I'm drowning in little notes, torn pieces of paper, piles
of extracted handwritten data, bulging file cabinets, etc. No way to keep
track of sources, results, etc. Sometimes I find myself re-examining
archival files that I forgot after seeing them 15-20 years ago!
"Genealogical Alzheimer's"

Let's say I plan a trip to Polish archives in, say, Poznan, Pila, Leszno,
Gdansk, Kalisz, Konin, etc to search for material on Sepolno, Lobsens,
Rawicz, Leszno, Kolo, and families LEWINSKI, DANCYGIER, ISRAELSKI,

It occurred to me to make a simple Excel sortable database with columns
like: Archive; Locality; My [paper] file; Family name; Subject; LDS Film;
Date; Date done. Then jam in everything -weeks of work- and then be able to
sort by up to three priorities any combination of those columns. Then add
colors, flags, etc, for emphasis.

Then it occurred to me that surely my wheel was already invented by smarter
people than I.

So, who can suggest the best existing programs or templates, either
home-made or commercially available. I'll bet that many of you have
developed and evolved an Excel database model that really works well.

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