Re: Excel Database Date/Year Sorting Problem--Fixed #general

Jim Bennett <bennett@...>

Wow! I got 23 replies >from 23 Excel experts, and half of them said: "send
the database to me and I'll fix it and return it to you"

Thanks to all of you for the advice and help. I did send it out to the
cleaners--so to say--to Pierre Hahn of San Francisco, who returned it to me
clean and fixed in a few hours.

It's a database of burials in Lissa, Posen Province, Prussia [Now Leszno, W.
Poland] listing 3727 Jews who died between 1734 and 1939. It was databased
by my friend and colleague Micha Furman of Kiryat Bialik near Haifa. Now we
will clean up some small errors and send it to JRI - Poland.

Jim Bennett

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