About that wrong marriage certificate, etc... #general

H Duboff


There is a website where people post information about the wrong
papers they have received:


The site is geared towards New York City.

(Suggestion: A similar JewishGen project, not limited to New York?)
Henoch Duboff <hduboff@...>
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Researching: FAERSTEIN, TICHNER; (Skala, Austria-Hungary / Ukraine);
MAILSHANKER/MELSZENKER (Grading/Gorodok Podol., Dnipropetrovsk, and B.
Aires - Argentina); OBLETZ (Any); RAFKIN/RAVKIN (Dwinsk - Russia);
ZEMBLE (Lushnitz - Russia); DUBNITZKY (Aliksandriya, Kherson, Ukr.)

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen has no staff to implement such proposals on its
own, the only projects that go up on JewishGen are projects that have been
spearheaded and implemented by volunteers. Anyone who is interested in
coordinating an effort to set up a service mentioned above, on JewishGen should
contact Henoch privately. JewishGen can provide guidelines for projects, that
anyone interested in coordinating a volunteer effort, should consult before
starting, so they don't do work that is unsuitable for posting.

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