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Thank you to all who responded. Yocheved Klausner was able to provide the
translation. A number of writers could not access the link I provided. I am
stumped by this and don't know what to say. Again let me raise the question
for JOWBR, is there a particular reason that the photographed stones cannot be
copied for viewmate or personal file purposes?
It's great to see how many tried to help so quickly, happy research all.
Linda Rakoff
The reason some were unable to access the page is, dollars to doughnuts,
that they didn't catch the entire URL that you supplied -- part of which was
on a second line. One had to be careful to put the _entire_ URL into the

The reason it was not possible to copy the image is that it is not a simple
JPEG (or similar) file. You may have noticed that you could enlarge it quite
a bit by clicking on it several times, and even to scroll around it by
moving the cursor about. It's quite a nice trick.

Unfortunately, the contrast on the stone itself left much to be desired. It
was barely legible here, with my monitor settings as they are; I suspect
that some others had the same effect.

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