Need Translation of Polish Birth Certificate (VM 7820) #general

Deborah Dworski <ddworski@...>

I just received a Polish Birth Certificate bearing our family's elusive
surname. I'd be grateful for a translation of the entire document (about 7
lines), but I'd settle for some opinions about the surname on the 3rd line
or so, following the handwritten name 'Michli." Family lore is that the
original family surname was BRONEWICZ, but it does not appear as if that is
the name written--or maybe I just cannot decipher the penmanship. Following
is a direct link to the document which is posted at ViewMate (VM 7820):

I'd be grateful for prompt assistance as it would be useful to know the
surname before a research trip to Salt Lake in a few days. Please respond
privately to my e-mail address above. Thank you in advance.

Deborah Dworski
Arlington, Virginia USA

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