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Mark Halpern


This town is undoubtedly the Galician town of Mosty Wielkie (Polish),
now Velikiye Mosty in Ukraine. This town is located at coordinates 5014,
2409 about 45 km (28 mi.) north of Lviv/Lwow/Lemberg. Just as the
Ukrainian town of Lviv was Lwow to the Poles and Lemberg to the
Austrians, Velikiye Mosty was Mosty Wielkie to the Poles and Gross Mosty
to the German speaking Austrians. Velikiye=Wielkie=Gross=Large. I am not
sure of the translation of Mosty, but my Polish dictionary tells me that
"Most" is bridge.

JRI-Poland has indexed the 1861-74, 1877-1902 births and 1877-91 deaths
that are housed at the AGAD Archive in Warsaw. The database can be
searched at by clicking on "Search database."
Recently, the Mosty Wielkie 1892-1905 death register was transferred to
AGAD and will soon be available for indexing. For more information about
the JRI-Poland AGAD indexing project, please visit

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

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I've just received some documents >from the Polish Archives and am having
quite the time trying to decode them. But a town name keeps coming up with
which I'm not familiar and I haven't found on cursory examination of the
shtetllinks files here -- "Grofsmosty". Anyone have any clues as to
what/where this is/was?


Caroline Ranald Curvan
searching for Ziemand, Zinker, Cinker of Lwow, Sokol

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