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Inbal Livne <me@...>

Dear all,
My great-great grandparents, David and Leah Schier (maiden name Goldsmid)
immigrated to South Africa in the late 1890s >from London, although they came
to London >from either Lithuania or Latvia in the 1880s. He was a tailor and
as well as supporting themselves and there four children, her sister lived
with them. I can't imagine how they afforded to pay the fares for all of
them to get to South Africa so I wondered if there were charitable
organizations in London who would have helped fund such a venture. Did the
Poor Jews Temporary Shelter help people who didn't actually stay there?
Also, does anyone know who may have helped them at the other end? They set
up a dairy farm in the Transvaal even though neither of them had any prior
farming experience so I am assuming they were helped in South Africa too.
Any help would be grateful appreciated.
Please email me at: me@...

Inbal Livne, Edinburgh, Scotland

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