Steve Morse's 1790-1930 Census Browser #general

Joy Rich <joyrichny@...>

Steve Morse has added a "1790-1930 Census Browser" to his website. For each
federal census year, the towns or counties enumerated on each roll of
microfilm are listed. Free and slave schedules are included.

Click "1790-1930 Census Browser," listed under "US Census and Soundex
(1790-1930)" on Steve's home page at On the next
page, "Browsing the US Census Microfilms in One Step (1790-1930)," click
"View All Rolls." On the next page, "Description of US Census Microfilm
Rolls, 1790-1930," the page is arranged by census year, then state, then
roll number.

A subscription to Ancestry is needed to view the images. After finding the
roll number, go back to "Browsing the US Census Microfilms in One Step
(1790-1930)" to select the year (which automatically changes the series
number), roll number, and frame to be viewed and click "Display Frame."

Joy Rich
Brooklyn, NY

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