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Jose Gutstein

The very short English section of the same book mentioned below has been on
my Zasliai web page for over a month now.

The book deals mostly with the towns of Kaisiadorys, Zasliai, Ziezmariai and
Rumsiskes. In fact, the Zasliai chapter has 51 pages.

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Rabbi Ben-Zion Saydman wrote:

Dear Descendants of Anshei Rumshishok and Litvaks everywhere:

I am pleased to inform you that a new book has just been published about
the Jewish communities of the Kaisiadorys Region of Lithuania by Rolandas
Gustaitis. Rolandas and his wife, Neringa, are Lithuanian scholars we
befriended some time ago. Rolandas' book is written in Lithuanian and the
translated title is "Jews In the Kaisiadorys Region". Vic Mayper reports
that the book contains an entire chapter about the history of Jewish
Rumshishok (Rumsiskes) which includes photographs and 28 pages of text.

I am also pleased to inform you that our dear friend and gutte neshoma,
Leonas Bekeris, has offered to translate the Rumshishok chapter into
English for us. I wish to publicly acknowledge both Rolandas Gustaitis
and Leonas Bekeris and thank them on behalf of the DAR. Due to their
selfless efforts, we will soon
be able to reclaim a portion of our shared Lithuanian history, once
thought lost forever. Further developments will be posted on our
Rumshishok website:

A Gut Shabbos Rumshishkers!

Rabbi Ben-Zion Saydman

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