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Bubby <yeruchem18@...>

To be more specific, I am looking for relatives of Minnie WESTREICH.

I found a 1900 census listing for a WESTREICH family in Manhattan listing
the parents as Samuel and Pearl, children as Dora, William, Minnie, Michael
and Dora. There may have been two brothers born later named Louis and
Milton. The parents and oldest 4 children are listed in the census as having
come >from "Austria." Specific town is unknown. Samuel and Pearl are not
found in later censuses.

In the 1930 census is listed a William married to Ida COHEN. Michael is not
married as of 1930 and lives with Louis and Milton, both listed as brothers.

Minnie Westreich married Henry SCHALL in 1912. The Schall family came >from
"Austria" as well, again the town is unknown. Henry was the son of Jacob
and Dora.

Fraida Cohen

(P.S. to Roger: I thought the Schall surname was already on my JGFF list and
now I see that it was not there. Thanks for bringing this to my attention;
I added it.)

"Roger Lustig" <julierog@...> wrote in message

--Please tell us a little about where and when the WESTREICHs might have
lived. For that matter, where did your SCHALLs come from? There are some
in my ancestral neighborhood, but far more >from elsewhere.

--Please register your interest in both families on the JewishGen Family
Finder. Far fewer Jewish genealogists read this discussion group than the
200,000 who have registered their interests there. JGFF makes it easy to
contact other WESTREICH researchers directly.

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