Searching for Pauline, Shirley and Anita YALON in the U.S. #general

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I’ve recently obtained a death certificate for my
father’s uncle who died tragically in 1935. With the
information gleaned >from this death certificate, and
the help of a fellow genner (thanks Yehudah!), this
uncle has been found in the 1930 U.S. census. Lo and
behold this uncle was married with 2 children!

Samuel or Sam (Shmuel) YALON died in 1935 at age 33.
He lived on Van Kleff Street in Jersey City, New
Jersey. He left behind a wife named Pauline YALON age
30, and (at least) 2 girls: Shirley age 8, and Anita
age 5. In the SSDI there is a Pauline YELLIN that
matches the description which shows Pauline may have
passed away in 1992 in New York. Sam was >from Ostrow
Mazowiecka, Poland and arrived in the U.S. in 1921.
Pauline was >from Poland and also arrived in the U.S.
in 1921. They married in 1926.

If anyone may know a Shirley or Anita whose maiden
name was YALON, today aged 79 and 76 please tell me
where I may find them. I’d be very happy if I could
find out who these cousins are and make contact with

Please contact me privately at:
mglasser AT (replacing the AT)if you
can help.

Thank you,

Jerusalem, Israel

GLASSER, GLEZER, GLESER: Lygumai, Lithuania --> N.Y., U.S.A.
Mazowiecka, Brok, Poland --> U.S.A.
PARNAFES (STEIN), PARNESS, ZIPA: Darabani, Romania-->
Pittsburgh, U.S.A. and Israel GREENBERG, JAUKEL, GORDON,
KAISERMAN: Kiyev, Ukraine --> Pittsburgh, U.S.A.

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