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Marc DVer <mdver@...>

I wouldn't get so upset if I were you. Even until the 1960's
practitioners of such skills as circumcisions and kosher slaughtering
had the title of Rev., as they usually had a certification for those
skills, though they were not generally Rabbis. Early in the country's
history there was a shortage of people who had formal Rabbinical
ordination >from recognized Yeshivot. In many places very knowledgeable
people who had no formal ordination carried out virtually all the
functions that a Rabbi would, including marriages and divorces. I am
familiar with this happening in Philadelphia, though I assume this
happened elsewhere, with the possible exception of New York City.

I would also speculate that a Rabbi in those days might prefer to use
the title Rev. for legal and social reasons.

I won't comment on the legality of a marriage performed by a Shochet
from a secular law point of view, but feel free to ask me privately
regarding the Jewish law aspects.

Marc DVer

Stephanie Weiner wrote:
Dear Genners,

I'm seeking any information on "Rev. W. Weiner" whose address in 1932
was Kent Place, Summit, NJ.

I nearly fell off my chair yesterday when I received my parents'
marriage certificate, and discovered that the gentleman mentioned above
performed the ceremony. I have no clue as to who this fellow is, and
whether or not he's a relative.

Thanks for any assistance you are able to provide.

Stephanie Weiner
San Diego, CA

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