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Notice of Next Meeting

DATE: Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TIME: 6:00 P.M. Library open

7:30 " Announcements

7:45 " English Section Program

PLACE Beit Frankfurter. 80 Derech Beit Lechem in the Baka'a

Buses: 7, 21(>from the Central Bus Station) 30,

TOPIC: "The Pity Of It All" A Portrait of the German-Jewish Epoch
1743-1933. by Amos Elon. "A memorable evocation of a disappeared world",
discussed >from a genealogical vantage point by the renowned literary
reviewer, Judy Clark. This is not your usual book review. I have been
searching for some time for the right person to present this important
book to our group and have finally succeeded.

For any one with family roots in Germany, an interest in
the Jews of that country, and/or curiosity about the era, you will get
an in depth description of what life was like for a significant portion
of the Jews of Germany in the 18th and 19th centuries , leading up
to the rise of the Nazi era. The German-Jewish experience was
unique in many ways. " The duality of German and Jew, 2 souls in
a single body, would preoccupy and torment many German Jews
thru-out the later 18th, 19th and first decades of the 20th centuries.
Nowhere in Western Europe was this duality as deeply felt and finally
as tragic".

Replete with details, descriptions of the complexity and
richness of events and culture, portraits of "movers and shakers"
and the resultant consequences, this study provides a very insightful
look into the rise and fall of a fascinating , intriguing and complicated
Jewish community.

And the questions that result, and the lessons to be
learned have importance for all of us.

Any questions? Please E-mail or call Barbara at: bsiegel@...

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