Re: Departure date for S.S. Ethiopia from Glasgow #general


The Historical New York Times is available on line via Pro-Quest through
several libraries.
The NY Times ran a regular shipping news column listing ship arrivals
and departures. The Sept. 6, 1891 issue shows the Ethiopia as
incoming >from Glasgow with the date Aug. 27. The Sept 8th issue says"
.. Ethiopia, Glasgow via Moville 11 days ., arrived at the bar 1:40 PM."

It looks like the ship left on Aug 27, arrived in NY Harbor 11 days
later on the 7th, and docked on the 8th.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Chaim Luria wrote:

An ancestor of mine traveled >from Glasgow to New York City and arrived on
Sept 8, 1891. Where can I obtain the *exact* departure date >from Glasgow for
this transatlantic trip.

Chaim Luria

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