Re: 21st St. Cemetery Manhattan, NY #general


Searching with the following search terms "Congregation Shearith
Israel's historic 21st Street Cemetery" I located the following information
which may be useful to Teri and others on this list;

Congregation Shearith Israel
The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue
Fax: 212.724.6165
Email: office@...

You might try using the information above to help you learn the answers to your
questions! I am sure they can guide you in the right direction.

Good luck in your research!
Nancy Ring Kendrick
Port Orange, FL

Quoting Teri Tillman <natzrose@...>:

Has anyone visited or passed by Congregation Shearith Israel's historic 21st
Street Cemetery lately? Is it kept locked? Is it possible to make
arrangements to visit the cemetery?

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