How to search with very little to start with #general

Welch Douglas


I hope this is not a naive-sounding or too general
question. I have never done any Jewish genealogy but I
have done quite a bit of Native American genealogy and I
know how whacky sounding the newbies can be.

Some years ago my grandmother mentioned to my father that
she had some Jewish heritage in her family. This had not
been known to us but my father didn't inquire in detail
about it at the time. She died shortly afterward (she was
in her 90s) and there are no other living family members
to ask that we know. We are wondering how we might go
about researching such a connection for genealogical

I'm not prepared with names and dates, unfortunately, at
this very moment but my initial question is pretty
general. In looking at her immediate family tree, nothing
jumps out at me as looking like an obvious Jewish surname
so it's hard to know where to start.

Her mother's maiden surname was Saling and I have seen
this mentioned as a possible Jewish surname on some name
origin lists. I have poked around in the FAQ and found
some references to surnames books but I didn't really see
anything pertaining to my overall question.

Thanks in advance,

Doug Welch

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