Canadian Border -Crossing Records (was Need Portland, Maine to Toronto, Canada Immigration Info) #general

Shlomo Katz <SKatz@...>

For the benefit of those seeking relatives in Canada, I wanted to
mention a not-so-obvious utility of the Canadian border-crossing
records. I was seeking information on my great-uncle Mendel Katz who
lived in Montreal. A professional researcher presented me with a list
of Mendel Katz's at various addresses in Montreal, but how could I know
which was mine? It turned out that one of these Mendels (identified by
his address) crossed into New York in 1917 with the declared intention
of visiting his brother-in-law listed as "David Nertes." Since I had a
great-uncle (who would have been Mendel's brother-in-law) whose name was
"David Kertes," I was pretty confident that I had the right Mendel.
Armed with this knowledge, I could now go back and figure out which
Mendel Katz information related to my uncle and which was probably a
different Mendel Katz.
I hope this helps someone.
By the way, I am still seeking Mendel's descendants if he has any.
Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring Maryland

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