I Am In Need Of A List Of Researcher To Contact To Trace Ancestors In Argentina #general

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Hello All

I have probably have asked this question before, but since I have not
gotten any headway I am asking help again. I am looking for a list of
researchers to contact to research jewish genealogy in argentina. I am
trying to trace my grandfathers siblings who left poland around the
1920's or after to go to argentina. I already have two death dates of
two of my grandfathers brothers that are buried in cemeteries there.

So I am seeking the aid of someone who is already based in argentina
and can do the research on my behalf. I am interested in tracing these
two men. I would like to get death records and immigration papers on
them. I am also seeking to find living descendants. My Grandfather
Milton/Michel Fajkes/Faikes was the youngest in his family. His sister
Rose(faikes)Friedman was the oldest I think born about 1903. My
grandfather, his sister and mother were the only ones >from the family
living in the US as far as I know.

I am trying to find out all i can on my grandfathers family, for i have
very little infomation and no one to ask. My grandmother
Ruth(rakoff)Faikes his wife past in february, so it makes me more
earnest in finding out any information. My grandfather is residing in a
home and is about 92-93 years of age and does not recall much anymore.

If any can help me with my query that would be great. I also ask that
who ever you reccomend be legit, for I e-mailed different people I have
found on the web and none of them have ever gotten back to me so I
wonder if they were even legal. So, if you can help I thank you.

Sarah Greenberg (USA-CT)

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