Victims' Suitcases @ Auschwitz #general

Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

This evening I watched the DVR of Elie Weisel and Oprah's visit to

As they walked through the Museum, they stopped at the window of the
suitcases and the name VESELY jumped out at me. I paused and forwarded,
paused and rewound until I could see the name clearly. VESELY is a prominent
collateral name in my family's history. How eerie this felt.

Then I saw other suitcases with names. Again, I paused and forwarded and
rewound until I could make out the names and information. I list them below
as I was able to see them in case someone is interested:

Petr EISLER #6446, born 20-111-1942, a child;
Ruth Sara LAX;
Fanni Sara KORNITZER, Wien; and

Perhaps when someone visits Auschwitz, they could photograph the suitcases
with names, if permitted, and post them. It really makes this so very

Sally Goodman
Palm Springs/LA, CA

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