Re: Death Certificates in New York Archives #general

Paul & Irene Berman <ikpjb@...>

It was suggested that the researcher seeking a NYC death certificate for
Shimshon S. Frischman use the Italian and German American databases. I,
however, have found them to be very incomplete. I have tried with each
database update to find two ancestors whose deaths fit into the time frames
and boroughs covered and found neither of them. I know they're dead. I don't
think anyone can be sure of finding the searched for individuals there.
Irene Berman
Shoham, Israel
Researching: EPSTEIN (Levites) Kossovo and Slonim in Belarus, New York
Region; STOLLER and FINKEL(FRANKLIN), Kossovo, New York and Connecticut;
ASBELL, Gomel Gubernia or Kiev Area, New York.

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