CZERNIAK - Family name #general

David Grosz

Hellow fellow Jewishgenners

I am researching the name CZERNIAK >from Poland.

In my family, my great-great-great-grandfather, Michael KOZAK and his
brother, Abram, both married ladies with the lastname of CZERNIAK. Michael
married Taube CZERNIAK. I'm sorry but I don't have Abram's wife firstname at
the moment. As the CZERNIAK name does not appear to be a terribly common
name, it is suspected that these two ladies were sisters or maybe cousins.
Both brothers were born and married in Kutno. Michael married in around
1838. I don't know when Abram was married.

There was an email sent(To this discussion group. MOD), about one year ago by
Len Levin however his email address >from then is no longer responding.
He mentioned the name CZERNIAK. I will quote his email here in the hope that
either he or somebody who recognises the names will contact me. It would be
great if there was a link because direct descendants of of Jacob CZERNIAK and
Taube CZERNIAK all live in Australia. I don't have Abram's wife's name,
but their descendants live in the USA. If we could link the whole family
together, it would be wonderful.

Quote of Len LEVIN's email >from 10th June, 2005
I am writing in the hope that we may be able to
contact any descendants of Meyer & Rachel COHEN, who arrived >from England to
New York with their daughter Jenny (Jane) on board the "Suevia" in 1890.
They lived at that time in Gay St. near Washington Square. They had three
other children, whose names were Lewis, Kitty & Hannah, I believe.
Meyer was married to Rachel EJNCNER in Kolo in
Poland in 1862 and they went with his parents Wolf & Sarah Leah COHEN
(formerly CZERNIAK) to England , together with his siblings, Jacob,Rebecca,
Emma& possibly Isaac.
I am a greatgrandson of Jacob, who together with
his his father , sisters & families came to Australia in the late 1800s.
If anrone in the U.S. recognises this family,
their Australian cousins would be thrilled to hear >from them.
Thank you.

Kind Regards,
David Grosz

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