FW: Nová publikace - Soupis židovských rodin v Čechách z roku 1793 pro Prahu (1792, 1794) 6/2 #austria-czech

Zimmer-Luedinghausen@t-online.de <Zimmer-Luedinghausen@...>

while having problems opening the Prague "Meldezettel" page, I just
looked through the homepage of the Prague Archives and wish I understood

There are so many publications which might be of interest to Genealogy
but of course they are all in Czech.

One new publication will be of great will still be of interest to us!

It is part 2 of volume 6 of the Prague 1792/94 census. I am really
interested to see what is "in" it. >from vol 1 we already know that the
foreword of Vol6/1 will be given in German. But what else might it


Perhaps someone can translate the information about this volume given on
at the above address.

Peter Zimmer
Muenster, Germany

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