Re: Lastname: Rajszel #general

tom klein <jewishgen@...>

Yes, but...

If you are trying to trace your family, It isn't much help to know
that your family name originated >from "Rajzel" because there were
(probably) many thousands of women with that name, at about the
time that hereditary surnames were adopted (circa mid-nineteenth

The only way to trace your family tree is to collect whatever "material"
(stories, documents) that your family has, and then collect documentation
(birth/marriage/death certificates, gravestone inscriptions, etc.) >from
various archives, etc. You will probably never find someone else who has
already researched your family.

Although you didn't mention it, i assume >from the spelling that your family
is >from poland?

Tom Klein, Toronto

"Pawel" <pawelwas@...> wrote:

I am a 22 year old investigating my family roots. I have not been able to
find much information on RAJSZEL - all searches led me to a dead end;
however, I believe there is resemblance with Rajzel and Reichel.
Could someone please help me confirm the resemblance and how I can go about
investigating further?

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