Re: Name of synagogue on the Lower East Side #general

Paul NMN B

Mark Ross,

You asked about a synagogue on Rivington Street, between Lewis and
Goerick Streets; according to 'Lower Eastside Tourbook' by Israelowitz,
the buildings on Rivington Street between Lewis and Goerick have
address' >from 304-321.

The books listing of synagogues on Rivington Street go no higher than
building # 263. The book covers the time period you mention in your

Paul Baranik
Searching: AGATA/AGATER, BAUM, GLASSMAN: Klimontow, Staszow, Warsaw,
Ostrowiec, Lodz

Mark Ross wrote:

Dear Genners:

I'm trying to learn the name of the synagogue that used to be located on
Rivington St., between Lewis and Goerick Street (closer to Goerick). I know
it was there in the 1930's and l940's, possibly in the l950's as well. I
don't know about the later periods.

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